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About Us

Gorilla Safaris Uganda

Gorilla Safaris Uganda is a full service Tours and Travel agency registered under the ministry of trade and tourism to provide expert travel advice for business and leisure travelers.

At Gorilla Safaris Uganda, we provide luxury, moderate and budget mountain gorilla trekking tours and other wildlife safari activities in Uganda, Rwanda and the East African region. With well researched wildlife game route planning, car hire and rental services in Uganda and Rwanda, hotel bookings in and outside East and Central Africa.

Our Phyilosophy

Gorilla Safaris Uganda has expertise in gorilla safaris and tours in Rwanda and Uganda alongside taking care of your gorilla and chimps permit bookings. We offer bird watching safaris, cultural packages, Honey moon tips, white water rafting adventures, fishing safaris, mountain hiking, gorillas and chimpanzee trekking adventures.

At Gorilla Safaris Uganda we believe in taking care of humankind thus we take care of disadvantaged children as responsible tourism, for the details kindly follow the link Gorilla Special Tour Packages.

  • 2 Branch Office
  • 10 Employees
  • 100+ Annual Tours

Sustainable Tourism

Gorillas Safaris Uganda is highly conscious of the necessity to protect the nature and to make sure that the local community benefits from tourism as well. By offering technical assistance to Ruhija Village community near Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

We ensure sustainable conservation of the national park which is home to the rare and endangered mountain gorilla. Gorillas Safaris Uganda supports Eco-lodges like Jacana Safari Lodge, which are built with wood and other materials from the surroundings, doing every effort to conserve the environment with low impact.

Gorillas Safaris Uganda protects the nature to make sure that the local community benefits from tourism as well. From its conception, we also use the services of Bigodi Swamp heritage trails and Ssezibwa Falls.

  •   Gorilla Safaris Uganda went above and beyond the normal to help us get gorilla permits for Bwindi. Even though we were not using the company for our travel they were... read more

    thumb Ski-girl-2018

      The trip was amazing and seeing the silverback in the wild was an amazing unforgettable experience... they did everything to be very accommodating... I would do it again any day...... read more


      This agency was very helpful in finding for me the Gorilla permits and in organizing my stay in Bwindi impenetrable forest. Also the lodge was very nice!

    thumb Vvarano1
  •   Fred was very professional and helpful in organising my Gorilla permits and made the process very easy. Unlike many agencies who charge an exorbitant $60USD fee per permit Fred... read more

    thumb TimBudd1954

      I have been out to Uganda a number of times and always use Gorilla Safaris to arrange my excursions. Fred never disappoints - he is completely reliable and arranges everything... read more

    thumb Simonjfellows

      I have booked Gorilla Safari tour really it was awesome and totally different experienced for me . The guide which with us is great and very talented to show us... read more

    thumb aanisha p

Our Principle Services



Tours and Safaris

Our tour and safari packages range from Uganda and Rwanda. We mainly capitalize on gorilla tracking and wildlife safari packages.

land cruiser

Safari Car Rental Services

Car hire services, including 4-wheel drives eg. Land-cruisers, customized safari vans (9-seats) and super-custom (7 seats), 29-seats, mini buses, and a 35-seats’ bus.

Gorilla permit bookings

Hotel reservations, and other services as agreed up on with our clients. If you are booking other services with us, we shall not charge for gorilla permit reservations
Airport transfers. So you get free airport transfers for any safari you book with us or gorilla permit booking.