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Tailored Gorilla Tours and Wildlife Safaris

Design your journey and explore Uganda's exotic travel destinations, the choices are alive and numerous.
Welcome the stretches of leisure time as you spend your holiday within the jungle drama, quiet picturesque views or with the Savannah wildlife big game.
With our capable and experienced hands we cave the perfect Uganda Gorilla safaris for you.

What They Say About Us

  •   We booked our mountain gorilla tracking and volcanoes safari with Churchill after much research on tripadvisor and boy are we glad we did. Our driver, Charles (Otim as he... read more

    thumb David H

      Gorilla Safaris Uganda went above and beyond the normal to help us get gorilla permits for Bwindi. Even though we were not using the company for our travel they were... read more

    thumb Ski-girl-2018

      Fred the manager was extremely helpful with the organising permits! Unfortunately they weren't available for the dates we wanted, but he went above and beyond to help facilitate our trip... read more

  •   This was a great trip. I did a safari and boat tour at the Lake Mburo National Park. Gorilla Safaris picked me up from the hotel, drove me around all... read more

    thumb David G

      I have booked Gorilla Safari tour really it was awesome and totally different experienced for me . The guide which with us is great and very talented to show us... read more

    thumb aanisha p

      I have been out to Uganda a number of times and always use Gorilla Safaris to arrange my excursions. Fred never disappoints - he is completely reliable and arranges everything... read more

    thumb Simonjfellows

Gorilla Safaris Uganda, Rwanda

Gorilla Safaris Uganda is a full service Tours and Travel agency registered under the ministry of trade and tourism to provide expert travel advice for business and leisure travelers. At Gorilla Safaris Uganda, we provide luxury, moderate and budget mountain gorilla trekking tours and other wildlife safari activities in Uganda, Rwanda and the East African region. With well researched wildlife game route planning, car hire and rental services in Uganda and Rwanda, hotel bookings in Uganda, Rwanda, in and outside East and Central Africa.

Our Philosophy

Gorilla Safaris Uganda has expertise in gorilla safaris and tours in Rwanda and Uganda alongside taking care of your gorilla and chimps permit bookings. We offer bird watching safaris, cultural packages, Honey moon tips, white water rafting adventures, fishing safaris, mountain hiking, gorillas and chimpanzee trekking adventures. At Gorilla Safaris Uganda we believe in taking care of humankind thus we take care of disadvantaged children as responsible tourism, as part of our charity

Traversing Africa's Natural Treasures

Affordable Africa Safari Holidays

Uganda Tourist Activities

Indulge yourself in the culinary Uganda Uganda Tourist Activities as you enjoy fascinating views of the wildlife,bird life and amazing landscape.
The Uganda Tourist Activities takes you on an adventure to a vast land of unimaginable beauty and diversity of experiences that will set to take your breath away.

Top Tourist Destinations in uganda

Uganda has some of the most desirable destinations with splendid and spectacular treasures that will mesmerize your sense of adventure.
With the celebrated extensive Savannah wildlife big game, the astonishing Murchison falls, we ensure perfect Uganda safaris for you as you enjoy this journey of absolute discovery in absolute comfort and style.

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